The Financial Managers innovative financial solutions

Debt Negotiation

If you are finding it difficult to negotiate with your creditors then talk to us.

We understand how creditors work. Allow us to relieve your stress and negotiate realistic payment arrangements.

How we can help:

  • Negotiate realistic arrangements
  • Extend Payment Terms
  • Prevent creditors from taking further action
  • Reduce your commitment level
  • Improve your overall financial position
  • Free up your cash flow

What we do:

The Financial Managers can negotiate repayment arrangements on your loans, debts and household bills.

We understand how creditors work and what they are prepared to accept as payment on the debt you owe.

In most cases we can negotiate a discount on the payout figures for outstanding debts.


This includes debts that have been long overdue or are in the hands of a collection agent

We are here to help


The Financial Managers finds solutions for people who are experiencing financial hardship.

Our services and solutions are wide and varied and we aim to help everyone.


If you have financial problems - you are not alone - we will be here to help.

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The Financial Managers innovative financial solutions