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Case Scenario 4 – Single Mum in financial trouble

Andrea is a single mother of two. Following her separation she was forced to return to work as a nurse to enable her to keep her family home.  Over time Andrea found it harder and harder to stay on top of the mortgage repayments and everyday household bills. It wasn’t long before the situation had spiraled out of control and realised she could no longer do this on her own. Andrea was too ashamed to talk to anyone about it until she discovered one of her friends was getting help from The Financial Managers which no longer made her feel alone. After contacting us she soon realised how easy it was to get back on track with the professional assistance of The Financial Managers. Andrea no longer needs to spend time worrying about paying her bills as this is taken care of by The Financial Managers. With the savings plan implemented she has booked the first holiday with the children since the separation. 

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The Financial Managers innovative financial solutions