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Our Services

We set up an appointment with you which is free and without obligation. This can be done in person, online or via telephone interview.

The Process

A budget is carefully designed for free and we forecast your income and spending patterns over a twelve month period.

Your budget is then managed by one of our experienced Consultants.

We take into account all outstanding arrears and then re-direct your income to a trust account where we manage all your bills and loans. Even down to the doctor's bill!

For example:

  • Your income is deposited into a Trust Account
  • We negotiate payment arrangements with creditors for any arrears due
  • We pay all accounts/household bills on your behalf
  • On pay day essential living expenses will be credited into your bank account
  • We prioritize and manage outstanding debts
  • Monthly statements are provided, detailing all fees and transactions
  • We implement a realistic savings plan for your future
  • We tailor a long term financial plan for you and your family

Then it is simply a matter of you providing some further details and we will start the process of getting you out of debt. We also implement a long term savings plan to achieve your personal goals to buy a new car, house deposit or holiday and always have money for that unexpected bill that arrives in the mail.

What does it Cost

If you decide to take up our Financial Management Service there are fees and charges that apply.

Most of our clients discover that the fees and charges are far less than the interest and penalties being incurred from their debt. The fees and charges are outlined upon presentation of your free 12 month budget plan.

Our Company Policy:

We will not put you under further financial stress by charging you fees you cannot afford!

We are here to help


The Financial Managers finds solutions for people who are experiencing financial hardship.

Our services and solutions are wide and varied and we aim to help everyone.


If you have financial problems - you are not alone - we will be here to help.

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The Financial Managers innovative financial solutions