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Case Scenario 2 - Dealing with Gambling Problems

Fiona had a gambling problem. She was aware of this and wanted to take the required steps to rectify the situation.

Every time her pay was deposited into her account she returned to the local hotel and played the poker machines.  As with any addiction the problem was she couldn’t stop. She kept withdrawing small amounts, one after the other from the ATM until she either reached her daily limit or her balance was gone.

Fiona made an appointment with us and we completed a thorough budget analysis. We discovered there was sufficient income to cover her living expenses and debts, so Fiona chose to take up our Financial Management service. This was the ideal solution for Fiona as she only received the money she required for food, petrol and general spending. 

The fact that she could no longer draw out hundreds of dollars at the pokies has helped her immensely.

Fiona has never looked back. By the Financial Mangers taking control of her finances, Fiona now has the necessary discipline to control her problem.

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The Financial Managers innovative financial solutions